The Art of Ken Kuzia


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Honeoye Lake Panorama

It's Here!


After 75 years in the making and after hundreds of illuminations,

iterations, additions, deletions, relocations, and regurgitations, I have finished my book:

 "My Journey to Dzia-Dzia." 

You can find it listed at or just click Here to access it at the site.

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Public Market Summer

Feel free to wander through my images and see the world through my usual optimism portrayed through vibrant colors and my take on things - sometimes the world would look a bit better if we could change our glasses and see the world with different textures and more color and imagination.

Other Books I've Illustrated



I illustrated and edited a novel entitled "Village Secrets" by Rand Gee.  It's a series of short stories about the residents of the small resort town of Opine, Wisconsin on the shores of Lake Michigan. The scenes that illustrate the fictitious town are re-styled images I photographed from my hometown of Victor, NY, with a couple of images from the nearby towns of Pittsford and East Rochester.  A panorama of the Victor Village decorates the front, spine, and back covers of the book and can be found on the "Wide Angles" page.  

NEW!  A second edition of "Village Secrets" is in the works with additional stories from Opine, Wisconsin.

NEW!  I recently edited and created a restyled cover image for the latest work by Rand Gee and Debra Pelkey entitled, "Forgotten People of Collier Township - Allegheny County Pennsylvania  - 1880 - 1940"  Available NOW.  

NEW!  A new book featuring a collection of images to compliment the "Forgotten" collection is  "Memories of Collier Township- Allegheny County, Pennsylvania".  Available NOW.


NEW!  To accompany "Forgotten People" there is also the "Appendix for Collier Township Memories and Forgotten People."  This appendix provides some genealogical information on people mentioned in the above book.  Available NOW.

The previous work about the same area in Pennsylvania is entitled, "Forgotten Mines & Coal Towns of Thoms Run."  

For a quick chuckle, check out Rand's book, "Palindromes, Paraprosdokians, and Posters."

"Orphans of Meadow Park Farm"

by Dorothy Dupere-Kuzia - The book is the story of little orphan Dorothy's trials and successes growing up in the upper peninsula of Michigan.

Books are available at 


Rand​ et al. are working on a new historical work centered in the hamlet of Rennerdale in the area of Pennsylvania about which he has produced many of his previous works .  It is an examination of the history, past and present, of Rennerdale through its families and their homes and businesses.  Look for its release soon.


Would You Like a Copy?


If you have an interest in owning a copy of one of my images, please contact me by filling out the e-mail ​form found on the "CONTACT" page.  Be sure to include the image title (Just "click" on an image in the galleries and the title will appear}.

Most of the images are available in 8 inches by 10 inches with some exceptions.  "CONTACT" me for details.

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Memorial Art Gallery

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Newark Valley Gothic

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