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Have You Gotten

Your Copy Yet?

The book,

"The Art of Ken Kuzia"


“How does he make photos look like paintings?”  Take a trip with Ken into his realm of digital photography and discover the tricks and techniques he uses to create his “photo paintings.”  You’ll see how he can take an ordinary or even a poor photo and transform it into a work of art.  It's all in the book along with a wide selection of his art along with descriptive text to let you know what you're looking at.  The book is currently available in paperback, but a hard copy edition is in the works.

Just between you and me, I'm working on a hardcover version

of "THE ART," and there's a new book in the works. Shhh!

This book is available at in Paperback at the bookstore along with my earlier book, "My Journey to Dzia-Dzia."  (You have to read the book to discover the translation of Dzia-Dzia.  I apologize for the blatant marketing ploy!)

What else is new?

Now, in 2024, Ken has been busy producing more pictures to be displayed here.  He has consolidated his earlier galleries into one that holds the 2024 work.  You can find Ken's latest on the 2024 GALLERY page.

Other Books I've

Illustrated Edited

I illustrated and edited a novel entitled "Village Secrets"  by Rand Gee.  It's a series of short stories about the residents of the small resort town of Opine, Wisconsin.  A panorama of the Victor Village decorates the front, spine, and back covers of the book.  ​

A book about the Collier Township  area in Pennsylvania is entitled, "Forgotten Mines & Coal Towns of Thoms Run."


 See the other books that Ken has contributed to for Rand at

"Orphans of Meadow Park Farm" 

by Dorothy Dupere-Kuzia - The book is the story of little orphan Dorothy's trials and successes growing up in the upper peninsula of Michigan.

Also, take a look at my previous book,

"My Journey to Dzia-Dzia"

Available at


You'll have to read the book to learn the definition of "Dzia-Dzia."

I apologize for the blatant marketing ploy.


Newly Published
Rand​ Gee and Margaret Feitt have recently published a new historical work Remembering Rennerdale centered in the hamlet of Rennerdale in the area of Pennsylvania about which Rand has produced many of his previous works.  It is an examination of the history, past and present, of Rennerdale through its families and their homes and businesses. 

Books are available at 

 230922 IRONDEQUOIT ver 2


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